ICS Student Council has four committees to provide different ways for students to contribute to the community.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee is in charge of keeping the ICS community informed on what's going on with ICS Student Council. We keep our social medias (Instagram and Facebook) up to date with the latest news on events, workshops, and socials. Since ICS Student Council works as an umbrella organizations for all the other wonderful ICS organizations/clubs on campus, we strive to help out the best we can in promoting all ICS events. So if you are apart of an ICS organization and would like help in publicizing your events, please reach out to us. Anyone can feel free to contact us on our social media because we love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about our organization or to just let you know what's going on! Don't forget to like our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/ICSStudentCouncil/" and follow us on Instagram at @icssc.uci!

Public Relations Committee Members

Iqra Abbaali

Kim Luu

Sammy Truong

Events Committee

The Events Committee coordinates and hosts a variety of different events designed for the ICS student body. From encouraging new and old ICS students socially through things like the ICS Bonfire or our longer event Nerd Fighter, to improving skills technically and professionally like with our Med App Jam competition. The Events Committee is here to help the students of ICS however they need.

Events Committee Members

Jessie Chang

Evelyn Cheng

Megha Kak

Aaron Lam

Trisha Le

Matthew Metzger

Ryan Mohta

Leanna Nguyen

Patrick Nguyen

Adrian Perez

Preetham Srinivasan

Peter Wang

Projects Committee

Bring your passion in software engineering to the ICSSC Project committee and build technical skills by working on real development projects for the UCI community. Experience different roles in software development such as front-end, back-end, full-stack, UI/UX design, etc. Learn how to use version control and software development methodology while working in a real development team to prepare you for your career.

Project Committee Members

Monica Bui

Aaron Chen

Raman Gupta

Yizhen Liu

Ritika Roy Choudhury

Braedon Schmidt

Mayank Sharma

William Yang

Corporate Outreach Committee

The Corporate Outreach Committee for ICSSC is responsible for establishing and maintaining professional and financial relationships with corporate supporters and alumni in the computer science industry. These relationships are crucial for receiving financial sponsorship for ICS events, for hosting informational workshops held for UCI students, and for student recruiting purposes. Our job is to network with alumni and company representatives to remind them that the School of ICS has national prestige, and to help them find something at UCI that appeals to their outreach and funding interests.

Corporate Outreach Committee Members

Giorgio Atanasov

Mark Hong

Kaeley Lenard