'24-'25 Executive Board Elections

Anteater on Podium
Election has ended! Thank you to everyone who voted!

President: Taylor Quach & Meenakshi Mynampati
Internal Vice President: Jeffrey Meng
External Vice President: Nicole Nguyen


Chair all meetings of ICSSC, provide general oversight over all ICSSC activities, ensure that all tasks are completed, advise other leaders as needed, and hold all leaders accountable. A limit of two candidates may run as Co-Presidents.


Support the President in their duties and assume presidential duties if the current President is unable to perform, assist the President in their duties. The Vice President is also responsible for running the weekly meetings council wide meetings and attending the Representatives meeting.

Internal VP

In charge of general communications inside the council and member retention.

External VP

In charge of communications with ICS clubs and the consortium.

Week 1

ICS Student Council Elections Candidate declarations begin on Monday and close on Friday at 11:59 PM. ICS Student Council candidates are allowed to campaign after declarations close.

Week 2

All ICS Student Council Elections Declared Candidates must attend ICS Student Council’s Meeting on Wednesday (4/10/2024) at 7:00-8:00 PM in DBH 6011. ICSSC Declared Candidates are allowed to give a 2–3-minute introductory speech about themselves and their qualifications for their applicable position. The voting period will begin after all the speeches have finished.

Week 3

Voting period closes on Friday at 11:59 PM.

Week 4

Results of the ICSSC Elections are announced on Monday and posted on our social media as well as our website